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Top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital: Hidden Gems of Kumaon Valley

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Top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital: Hidden Gems of Kumaon Valley:


In a world filled with bustling cities and the inexorable march of technology, if your heart craves for untamed, awe-inspiring beauty of nature; then you are at the correct place. Welcome to this soul nourishing blog.


If we are talking about waterfall, there are numerous waterfalls in Uttarakhand. We have tabulated the list of waterfall of each district of Uttarakhand at the end of blog for your convenience and relevancy.


This blog will cover the Top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital District.


Nainital is jewels of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India as it withholds beautiful lakes, lush forests and stunning Himalayan sceneries. Nonetheless, apart from its famous lakes and natural treasure, you can find the mesmerizing waterfalls near Nainital; are the must visit places for visitors and for adventure enthusiasts.


These waterfalls add to the beauty of the hill destination and seem a relaxing point on an adventure trip. I have elaborated the list of waterfalls near Nainital in ascending order as per user experience so that you can priorities your visit according to vacation.


1. Bhalu Gaad Waterfall


Bhalu gaad waterfall is situated in Mukteshwar town and is about 10kms before the actual Mukteshwar town.


You need to trek for 1.2 km to reach the fall and that includes crossing small stream of water 3 times. This is the most wonderful part of Bhalugaad waterfalls.


While reaching you will be witness the mesmerize sight of water cascading down from a height of approximately 60 feet into a pristine pool below. The waterfall positioned at No.1 of Top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital.

Bhalugarh Falls

2. Corbett Falls.


Corbett Falls is a popular attraction for those visiting Nainital. It’s located near Kaladhungi and named after Jim Corbett, the famous hunter and conservationist and one of the top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital


Corbett Water Falls is surrounded by dense teak wood forest and it is a preferred picnic spot for tourist. Corbett Falls is a charming water fall located at 25 kms from Ramnagar, 6 Km from Kaladhungi and 27 Km from Haldwani.

Top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital
Top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital

3. Freaky Waterfall


This water fall location is deep of Ghatgarh forest area a distance of 12 Km form Kaladhungi and 34 Km from Haldwani. It’s a one km tracking from main road to the waterfall; on the way of waterfall u can see kind of birds and animal as well.Its perfect place for tracking lover and wild lover as well awesome adventure you will love this place but don’t go there without guide due to forest region.

Top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital


4. Woodland waterfall.


Woodland waterfall is made from lake water of Sariyatal Lake which is a natural source of water. The lake is far away from 600 meter from Waterfall. The released water of this lake has been developed as a captivating waterfall by Nainital Forest Department to promote ecotourism in the area. It is an attractive and amazing tourist destination in Nainital.

5. Sattal waterfall.


The Sattal waterfall is located about 1.5 km from road and 5 Km from Bhimtal Town. The Sattal region has several small waterfalls that are a part of the beautiful cluster of lakes and forests in the area.


The trail to this waterfall is full of Birds, wildlife and great flora. You need to go slowly. Avoid going during the rains. The waterfall is average but the highlight is the trek.


You must be extremely careful as it is very slippery, if you want take shower in the waterfall.

6. Barati Rau Waterfall.


The waterfall is located in Chunakhan village is 14 Km from Kaladhungi and 20 Km from Ramnagar. The Barati Rau Waterfall is a great spot for a picnic with family and friends, visitors can stay in nearby towns such as Ramnagar or Kaladhungi and make a day trip to the waterfal.


It’s a 30 minutes track from main road and will take you into amidst nature; where you must lost yourself into the serene beauty of nature. You should be on shoes and full trouser on treks for safety purposes and carry some food and water as no food or beverages allowed which is keeping the place neat and clean. We suggest spending 3-4 hours sitting there and enjoying the peace and beauty of nature.


7. Green Valley Waterfall at position of 7 of Top 8 Waterfalls in Nainital


Also one of the best and natural waterfalls, you have o do a trek of around 2 km from main road to reach, which is not easy, a deep steep and narrow path. Trek to the waterfall is little difficult for beginners.


However, the picturesque beauty will make you refresh again and you’ll never going to regret after visiting here. The place has some amazing vibes and Green valley Water Fall is one of the amazing beauties of Pangot.

8. Laduagarh Waterfalls.


Laduagarh Waterfalls is located 32Km from Haldwani and 10 Km from Kaladhungi near Kamola in deep teak wood forest for which you have to trek for one km from Parampur village.


The waterfall trek itself and untouched nature experience in itself. However, the waterfall is situated between rocks and not favors for shower in it.


Waterfalls in Nainital

In the tranquility of nature, you find not only beauty but also a profound sense of belonging to this magnificent world. Welcome to Uttarakhand and welcome to Tourism Blaze. you can also visit to our new blog Waterfalls in Almora.








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