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4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh: Exploring Natures Marvel

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4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh: Exploring Nature Marvel

Welcome to our series of Waterfalls in Uttarakhand. As I have earlier taken you to the Waterfalls in Nainital and Waterfall in Almora, in this article, I will take you on a journey through some of the most captivating Waterfalls in Pithoragarh.

Pithoragarh is a district of Uttarakhand and is known for its natural beauty. Nepal border also touches the Pithoragarh boundaries. Pithoragarh is also home of many waterfalls that flow down from the rugged mountains.

These waterfalls not only add to the natural beauty of the region but also provide a serene and captivating experience.

Dunkhola waterfalls/Kali Taal Balbhadra Taal

Dunkhola Waterfall is also known as Kaali Taal or Balbhadra Taal situated in Devinagar, Kanalichina Block Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand. The waterfall holds nature beauty and is located in the middle of dense forests and pristine landscapes. It takes approximate 800 Mtr walking from the main road to the waterfall.

You will be mesmerized with nature’s wilderness and tranquil beauty while trekking to the waterfalls. The cascading water is surrounded by a lush green forest. The location is just a few kilometers away from these towns & close to Thal road. The location is also very peaceful without any rush at all.

Dunkhola Waterfall is a destination that promises to captivate your senses and leave you with memories of a truly unique Uttarakhand experience. It also gives opportunity to trekkers or simply seeking a visitor seeking solace. When I visited there it was rainy season and I witnessed the entire wall of water which was spectacular.

4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh
4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh

Birthi Waterfall

Birthi falls is approximately 40 km before reaching Munsyari. There is a beautiful Kumaun Mandal TRH at Birthi (on the side). We will have a good view of Birthi Falls from this TRH. It falls from 126 meters (400 ft) height. The place has some shops for tea, and basic snacks / foods you can have a break at this place. The Birthi falls is in a perfect location between Chaukori and Munsyari. The place has lots of birds which make the environment fabulous.

The waterfall is on the way to Munsyari, it can be seen from the main road itself. The entry ticket is 20 per person. Trek is about 2kms and not too hard. You can enjoy sufficient time during the day and ambiance over there. While returning from the waterfall you can take a food break as there are few shops with basic food items service.

When I was travelling to Munsyari I spent night at KMVN TRH which was an amazing experience; the whole night the natural sound of the waterfall and seems like a white candle when I looked through the window. If you are driving yourself to Munsyari I suggest making night halt at Birthi where you can have cheap accommodation at TRH and depart the next day to Munsyari.

  • The distance from Haldwani to Birthi is 270 Km.
  • The distance of Birthi from Pithoragarh district headquarters is 100 Km.
Birthi Falls
Birthi Falls

Bhurmuni Dafaali waterfall

Bhurmui Dafaali Waterfall is situated at a distance 18 Km from Pithoragarh district and further you have to walk about 1 kilometer. The trek to the waterfall from the main road is adventurous and a little bit difficult for those who are visiting first time on hill terrain.

Bhurmuni Waterfall is a very nice place to have fun and chill out there. You can enjoy it there in the lap of nature.

4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh
4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh
4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh
4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh

Ranthi Waterfall

Ranthi village is located in Dharchula Tehsil of Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand, India. It is situated 15km away from sub-district headquarters Dharchula and 110km away from district headquarters Pithoragarh.

A little off route towards village Ranthi will take you to a mighty waterfall which is generally seasonal making it remarkable during monsoon. I have visited during monsoon I found it on the best as the quantum of waterfall was appropriate.

Here you can enjoy the waterfall and panoramic view of a clear stream flowing into the river Kali. You can also taste the local food which is a different experience as such a taste you will not find in urban restaurants.

4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh
4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh

Dharchula is the nearest town to Ranthi which is approximately 15km away. The last tehsil of district Pithoragarh, Dharchula, a valley situated on the banks of the river Kali serves as a natural border between India and Nepal.

Bordering Nepal on the east and Tibet on its north, Dharchula is a mix of 3 cultures viz. Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan. Along with Hindus one can easily find great numbers of Buddhists in this area.

It is one of the halting places for the pilgrims of Mansarovar Yatra and the route consists of spectacular natural views of river Kali, waterfalls, streams and the cuisine which is specific to this particular place. You can find several camps of the Army, ITBP, and SSB in Dharchula serving the nation and securing the border area from neighboring Nepal and China. A large number of youths here are employed in defense services.

While traveling to Tawaghat, one can easily see people of Nepal across the river Kali working in their fields. At Tawaghat, the confluence of rivers Dhouli Ganga and Kali Ganga is breathtaking.

4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh
4 Waterfalls of Pithoragarh


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