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Top 3 Waterfalls in Almora: Nature’s Symphony

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Top 3 Waterfalls in Almora: Nature’s Symphony


Almora is located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalaya range and known for its awesome nature beauty and serene landscape. Waterfalls play major role to enhance attractiveness of any place and fascinates everyone towards them.

Almora districts also withhold some beautiful waterfall that I want to share with you. This blog will lead you to the unique beauty and coolness of waterfalls in Almora places through this blog.

Balta waterfall

Balta waterfall is situated near Balta village of Almora District of Uttarakhand State, India. It is located 4 KM towards North from District headquarters Almora.

Balta village located at distance of

351 KM (8Hrs) from State capital Dehradun

364 KM (8Hrs) from National Capital Delhi.

To reach Balta waterfall, you have to hike 1.5 km from Balta village. The hike is relatively easy and you will reach to scenic forest trail through trekking. Once you reached to the waterfall you will be mesmerized by the beauty of waterfall with stunning views of the cascading water and the surrounding mountains.

Balta waterfall is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are looking for a peaceful and scenic spot to spend a day, then Balta waterfall is the perfect place for you and one of the best Waterfalls in Almora.

Monsoon time is the best time to chill in waterfall with nature walk also starts into the village. Visiting group is recommended as it’s a forest area.

This place is just awesome. You can feel the nature vibe and beauty of nature. Enjoy that moment and make a memorable memory.

Wait time No wait

Reservation recommended No

Waterfalls in Almora
Waterfalls in Almora

Dhokaney Waterfall

Dhokaney waterfall is situated near Dhokaney village of Almora Uttarakhand, it is alongside National Highway 109, connecting Almora with Nainital, the Dhokaney Waterfall becomes a mandatory pit stop for anyone that knows about the spot and is travelling along the highway.

You can say one of the best Waterfalls in Almora and it is cold and clean Himalaya spring water. it is located at a distance of

342 KM (7Hrs 26 Minutes) from State capital Dehradun

329 KM (7Hrs 15 Minutes) from National Capital Delhi.

48 KM (2Hrs) from Nainital.

28 Km (1Hr) from Kaichi Dham Temple.

For others, it is simply an unexplored treasure. You must visit this gem of a waterfall hidden among the pines of Dhokaney Village. The water creates a perfectly temperate pool at the bottom of falls, offering a perfect opportunity for a dip on a hot sunny afternoon.

You need to do a 500-600m downhill trek to get to this waterfall Make sure you wear good quality shoes to avoid any injuries. This place became one of the favorite spot in summer time for visitors.

Dhokaney waterfall is best among all, best part is it’s depth which is Max 5feet deep and not at all dangerous. Another beauty is that you can stay adjacent to this waterfall in a homestay where you can get basic amenities and services including food, wifi and clean rooms. The place can be enjoyed with bonfire which can be proved to be best moment along with friends and group.


Things To Do:

Take a dip in the waterfall

Visit the famous Kaichi Dham Temple situated near the waterfall

Shop for local jams and pickles from the neighbouring village of Ninglat

Timing:8:30 AM to 5 PM.

Wait time No wait

Reservation recommended: No

Entrance Fee:

100 rupees/person is the charge for entrance.

They have beautiful tent accommodation for very reasonable price. Also there is local canteen that can cook anything you want them to; just tell them before sunset if you staying there for the night.

Waterfalls in Almora
Waterfalls in Almora

Rudradhari Falls: The Hidden Waterfalls in Almora

the Rudradhari fall situated near Kausani village at a distance of approximate 10 Km from village. The best time to visit the Rudradhari Falls would be during the monsoon  or later May as per my experience. There is a beautiful trek of about 1.5KM.

The waterfall has a Shiv Temple adjacent to it. There are many Eateries before the trek but none on the way. The water is clean and cold.

This temple is inside a cave deep in the forest. The hike to the temple is a short yet lovely one, especially if you start very early in the morning. It would be great time during trekking to Mahdev Temple and charming with the hill beauty.

A must visit place and hiking is good if you enjoy not recommended form elderly people. Monsoon season is recommended as waterfall will be more voluminous.

Waterfalls in Almora
Waterfalls in Almora


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