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4 Waterfalls in Bageshwar: Unveiling the Untouched Beauty

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4 Waterfalls in Bageshwar: Unveiling the Untouched Beauty

Bageshwar District is located at a distance of 406 km from the National Capital New Delhi and 315 km from the State Capital Dehradun.  Bageshwar is well known for beautiful hill station with its picturesque environment, glaciers, rivers and temples.

Waterfalls in Bageshwar are mostly untouched and needs to be explored. This blog will surprise you as to see such amazing nature wonders has not been furnished to you to explore. This Blog is 4th one of series of waterfalls in Uttarakhand after waterfalls of Nainital, Almora, Pithoragrh.

Waterfalls in Bageshwar
Waterfalls in Bageshwar

Bhigaat waterfall:-

Bhigaat waterfall is situated 10 Km away from Bageshwar city. The nearby village is Mankot. The waterfall is situated in deep down forest and while trekking to the waterfall from the main road is in itself an amazing experience.

Waterfalls in Bageshwar
Waterfalls in Bageshwar

Though it is suggested that you must be visit these waterfall with group as at the end of the way the last 200 meter is a narrow wild treks.

But you will be found a complete natural beauty place during this track of an nature’s untouched panes with serene landscape. During the track you will passed through a bridge which creates a different charm of this wild track. The waterfall is very clean as you can see stones at bottom of fall.

  • Important Note: –

  • You can enjoy swimming here in a waterfall.
  • Children and old age are not recommended as it’s an off trek path and in forest.
  • Quantum of water may be low in waterfall during peak summer in June month.

Waterfall near Harshila

It is situated near in Bageshwar city near Harshila place. The waterfall is lesser known and need to explored as less number of tourists arrived here. Though this waterfall is famous among the locals for picnic and day trip all season. The waterfall naturally wonderful you can visit here during you way.

There is enough space near waterfall to enjoy your picnic and get-together. Also the view of Valley and hills along with this waterfall makes a wonderful scenery of  of beautiful mother nature. This place is soul nourishing for those looking solace.

Waterfalls in Bageshwar
Waterfalls in Bageshwar

Waterfall near Mandalsera:

This waterfall is also unnamed and situated at a 10 Km distance from Bageshwar city near Mandalshera village. The specialty of this waterfall is its large pool area which is perfect place for visitor to swim and enjoy in the waterfall and is also easily accessible.

However the waterfall is not much in height or large water flow but it looks like a tiny beautiful lake and a perfect place for picnic. Trekking may be exhausted as it is bit down from the main road.

Waterfalls in Bageshwar
Waterfalls in Bageshwar

Waterfall in Kanda

This waterfall is unnamed and still to explore. It is situated in Kanda town of Bageshwar district. The beautiful natural cave of Jogabari (village) can be a heritage place. The beautiful waterfall, small lake and the shapes inside it are unique heritages of nature

The length of the cave is approximately nine meters, width is five meters and height is approximately six feet. A spring flows from the inner end of the cave. Due to which the cave is always filled to the brim like a lake.

The walls and ceiling of the cave are filled with dozens of such figures. These figures look like Hindu Deities, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and other gods and goddesses.

Waterfalls in Bageshwar
Waterfalls in Bageshwar

Jhelum Waterfall

Jhelum Waterfall is situated near Gogina Village of Bageshwar. This waterfall is massive in terms of Quantum of waterflow and height is more than 50 meter makes it an gigantic waterfall. The location of waterfall is down the forest, not easily accessible and it can be enjoy the sight of nature from Distance.

Waterfalls in Uttarakhand

This blog is part of series of Waterfalls in Uttarakhand. We have comes around the waterfalls of Nainital, Almora, Pithoragrh and now this one is Bageshwar. I hope our blogs helps you to plan your visit and gives an idea for beautiful places in Uttarakhand. Your suggestions are welcome and it makes us better to service you best.

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